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Nashville Band Room Repair Nashville TN

Woodwind Instruments

At Nashville Band Room Repair we provide full service repair for all woodwind instruments, single and double reed instruments. We realize how valuable your woodwind instrument is … More

Nashville Band Room Repair Nashville, TN

About Us

Nashville Band Room Repair has been serving Middle Tennessee musicians with band instrument repair for 32 years as it was previously owned by Harley and Priscilla Tatarsky under … More

Nashville Band Room Repair Nashville TN


Keeping your brass instrument clean and in playing condition is important to every musician. We have Ultra Sonic cleaning capabilities, as well as conventional chemical cleaning … More

Nashville Band Room Repair Nashville TN

Orchestral Strings

Nashville Band Room Repair is also the place for your orchestral string repair needs. If your instrument needs something repaired or replaced, we can do it. We provide crack … More

Nashville Band Room Repair Nashville TN

Instrument Rentals

Nashville Band Room Repair makes it easy to get your student started playing a musical instrument. We offer a rent to own program through our affiliation with Music & Arts, one … More

Nashville Band Room Repair Nashville TN

Straubinger™ Certified

Master technician T.J. Herrick is Nashville's only repairman certified to install and repair Straubinger™ Pads. Straubinger™ Pads are designed specifically for hand-made flutes and … More

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Tuba 101

 About the Tuba  A part of the brass family, the tuba creates deep and rich resonating harmonies that balances the higher  frequencies of the soprano, alto and tenor sounds of … More

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